Medly Tech.Connect - Our first webinar

Our first webinar conducted on 12th June, 2021 focusing on clean coding and kotlin basics
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Tushar Katangale
Jun 29, 2021 | 2 min read

At Medly, we are a passionate group of individuals working together to create a better healthcare experience for patients and providers. Our affinity towards emerging technologies and software craft has always been the cornerstone for creating a tech community driven by passion and hunger for expanding one's horizon about technologies. Thus, sowing the seed for the creation of a community that encourages mutual learning of nuances for delivering quality software.

We founded Medly Tech.Connect with a vision of promoting and encouraging participation from tech enthusiasts in the software industry. The idea was to encourage sharing best practices in the areas of software development, product management, DevOps, software quality, and security. The next logical step after founding the group was to organise our first Meetup event.

We wanted to kickstart our first event with a webinar on a topic that could set the ball rolling and by having a speaker who could pave the path for future tech events. After giving it much thought, Christian Hujer - a renowned and revered software craftsman in the industry, emerged as our unanimous choice. Our keynote speaker Christian Hujer shouldered the responsibility of facilitating our debut Meetup webinar on the topic "Clean Code- Refactoring Legacy Code in Kotlin". As Kotlin is a language that we use extensively at Medly, the topic was attuned to both Medly and external Kotlin enthusiasts.

On the day of the webinar (12th June 2021), we had mixed emotions. We were excited and anxious at the same time – excited for our first Meetup event and anxious about attendee response.

Gratefully, the event was attended by a good number of participants. It was a very informative and engaging session in which Christian walked the attendees through the essentials of clean code, refactoring, and Kotlin basics. Overall, the event was great and the icing on the cake was the 5-star rating by the attendees.

The start to Medly Tech.Connect could not have been better. Now that the tone is set for the upcoming events, we look forward to more participation from the tech enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more exciting session from Medly.

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