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Building software that improves healthcare
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Tushar Katangale
Oct 14, 2021 | 2 min read

Did you know that every line of code that you write makes a positive impact in the well-being of humans? Well, if not, then this blog is definitely for you.

At Medly, we are on a mission to improve human lives by writing better and cleaner code. We are in the process of building full service digital pharmacy that provides the most patient-centric care by delivering same day, free prescriptions across a wide spectrum of diagnostic areas. With this we will have digitally transformed the way pharmacy operates for patients and providers.

We believe that our organisation’s compassionate quotient cannot be ignored. We provide discounted medicines as we empathise with the patients coming from different socio-economic background.

Our competence in pharmacy administration is also worth a mention. We have a very well defined and hassle-free process for managing prescriptions, inventories and payments within the Medly pharmacy stores.

After all the above information, I am sure you can imagine the complexity (considering the underlying intricacies) of the entire system and the code behind it. The impact of chaotic code that does not pay attention to details from the beginning is unimaginable. It could not only lead to huge financial losses but would also adversely affect patient care. As the future of healthcare is going to be digital, considering the post pandemic world of digital transformations, creating a better software which can positively impact healthcare is of paramount importance.

With this in mind, we are developing software systems with a clear-cut and thought-through line of coding approach. We are implementing the best of design and coding principles to deliver not just medicines but happiness to our patients. Adding further, it is through our code that we are connecting all the physical entities in the value-chain viz. doctors, hospitals, manufacturers, and insurance players.

In Medly, we are coders with a responsibility and mission. We take every single line of code seriously and strive towards bettering code and lives. 

Come be a part of the inspiring journey at Medly as we are hiring mission- driven and passionate individuals with the keen sense of responsibility for crafting code towards the betterment of healthcare.

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